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Canada Streaming develops “fair gold” from the Amazon rainforest region of Brazil and markets Amazon Fair Gold TM to bullion, jewelry or electronics brand distributors globally. Innovative
economic model providing capital reinvestment, clean high‐tech equipment for gold concentration.
CSI helps save the Amazon rainforest from toxic pollution.Amazon Fair Gold TM is Traceable – mined at artisanal coop, refined and minted with the addition of specific isotopes and rare earth hints for precise traceability and localization.Amazon fair Gold TM is available for online distributors of gold bullion investment bars or jewellry manufacturers and designers with available country or regional exclusivity:Bullion – gold investment bars:  1 Oz Jewellry – branded gold with hallmark:  1 KG

Electronics – certified “fair gold” supply chain, no conflict gold

Canada Streaming Inc.

343 Preston St., 11th floor, Ottawa, Ontario Canada  K1Y 4L3

Website: www.canadastreaming.com

Email:  canadastreaming@gmail.com or bill.marvel@canadastreaming.com

Finally, gold that you can feel good about!

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