Amazon Fair Gold

Amazon Fair Gold Ltda.  is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and with a field office in the region of Matupá, Mato Grosso, in the basin of the Amazon Rainforest.

AFG has supply agreements with coops, individual small‐scale miners and also has its own gold mine in the Amazon rain forest region for pilots, testing and technician training. That assures the extraction of fair, green, ecologic and socially responsible gold without mercury and cyanide, which helps to preserve the Amazon Rainforest and, at the same time, offer benefits to the local miners and their communities.
It uses clean technology:
to concentrate gold, replacing totally the use of mercury, with higher levels of gold  recovery and total protection to the environment. The gold extracted and sold is fair,  clean, green, and socially responsible and it’s certified by one of the best universities in Brazil and government. No mercury or cyanide is involved in any phase of the gold extraction, concentration, and melting. The final result is a pure product extracted under the highest standards of respect to
the environment, labour laws, miners’ health, and community lives in the core of the
Amazon Rainforest.

The superior quality gold is sold which returns in part to the miners and their coops
to be used in training, education, and economic activities that will help  to build
vibrant communities.

Why care?

The Amazon Rainforest is where biological diversity must be protected and where
30% of all the life forms on our planet can be found. Elemental Mercury is a neuro
toxin, which kills and sickens workers and is poisoning the rivers and the fish in
the Amazon River now. We will help to eliminate tons of mercury from the Amazon region each year.


Finally, gold that you can feel good about!

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