Canada Streaming Inc. wins nanoparticle incubation in Brazil for artisanal gold


Zeina Osman
Canada Streaming Inc.

Canada Streaming Inc. wins nanoparticle incubation in Brazil for artisanal gold

Ottawa, March 2, 2018. Canada Streaming Inc., an ecological gold company, is proud to announce that its subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro, Amazon Fair Gold Ltda. (, has been selected by InovaUFABC, the incubation center from Federal University of ABC, in Sao Paulo, to help validate and commercialize its nanoparticle gold separation discovery.

Gabriel Mejer Tenebojm, Inova UFABC (
Director says “Amazon Fair Gold was selected to be incubated at InovaUFABC because of its disruptive business model and the innovations it has in relation to the use of nanoparticles in the process of ecological gold processing”.

This advantageous development within an established university research facility assures:

  • Improvement of the technological capacities for innovation,
  • Minimum viable product validation and patent assistance,
  • Strengthening of business plan and risk-proofing for potential investors.

Carolina Gregorutti, Amazon Fair Gold’s Research & Development Manager, says “Validating our nanotechnology process could revolutionize artisanal gold mining by lowering the cost of gold separation to only 25% compared to using mercury in amalgamation. Our nanotechnology also has the unique advantage of recovering near 100% of all gold from the mining concentrate.”

The incubation will allow Canada Streaming Inc., through Amazon Fair Gold Ltda., to network with universities globally and to gain new investment from venture investors, mining companies and many research centers interested in sustainable gold mining and environmental protection.

“Our nanotechnology discovery could have an incredible environmental impact. It supports one of the key objectives of the United Nation’s Minamata Convention, which is to develop and transfer new technologies to eliminate mercury in artisanal mining which is responsible for 37% of mercury pollution globally,” says Canada Streaming’s CEO, Bill Marvel.

Based in Ottawa, Canada Streaming Inc. ( is an ecological gold company that mints and markets sustainable gold by working with artisanal mining co-ops and innovating with nanotechnology, block chain and ethical supply chain tools to eliminate mercury from the Amazon rainforest.

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